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Fun Shop

Want to take a break from skating and grab some fun stuff to take home after your fun day skating?

We carry lots of fun items from small items like bouncing putty to bigger items like our magic shoot basketball hoops. We've got fun in every size and shape.

Head to our Arcade and earn some tickets that you can redeem at our Fun Shop. Or, you can purchase some of our great items without needing to earn tickets. The choice is yours!

Take a look below at just some of the items we carry in our fun shop.




Need a few minutes downtime from your skating fun before heading back out on the floor?

With more than 15 games in our arcade, Skateland offers more fun with a little bit of something for everyone - whether child or adult. We have all kinds of games for all ages and all skill levels for you to try out.

Are you a sports fan? Have a friendly competition with your friends and family on our Hoops FX game. Have a steady hand? Try your hand at one of our crane games to capture some fun prizes.

Did you see a prize on our wall in the Fun Shop that you'd like to win?? Check out our redemption games and earn tickets to redeem. See how many you can get towards your favorite prize and take it home with you when you have enough.